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Cosmetic Dentistry in Boulder, CO

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than improving your smile and whitening your teeth. When you visit a cosmetic dentist at Folsom Family Dental in Boulder, CO, you discover the far-reaching impact of our cosmetic dental services.


Discover Our Services

We offer a wide range of cosmetic dental services. Our services include:


  • Veneers
  • Implants
  • Crowns
  • Teeth shaping
  • Bonding
  • Whitening
  • Laser therapy
  • Complete or partial dentures
  • Invisalign


Cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance of your teeth and often, in doing so, improves the health of your teeth and mouth.


The appearance of your teeth often signifies other health problems with your teeth, gums, or mouth. For example, a missing tooth puts you at risk for dental complications.


Cosmetic dental procedures such as bonding and teeth shaping work with the aesthetic of your teeth, but also improve your oral hygiene. When your smile looks healthy, you give your teeth the attention they deserve.


Schedule an Appointment


Our cosmetic dentists are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to properly care for your teeth. We educate you on all of our procedures so that you know what we are doing and why.


We are committed to helping you learn why we do the things we do. We strive to empower you to own your dental health and make preventative care a priority. Our dentists understand that caring for your teeth can be frustrating and difficult, but we know that this care is better for you in the long run.


Dental care can be confusing, but we want you to understand the reasons for our actions. Because of this, we encourage questions. Ask us about any of the procedures we offer, why we recommend a specific plan of action, or how you can improve your oral hygiene. We’ll be glad to help.


Folsom Family Dental offers the customized and personalized cosmetic dentistry services that you need. Schedule an appointment in our Boulder, CO, office through our online form or by calling 303.945.2399.